October harvest

Sweetcorn harvest   Organic sweetcorn


The sweetcorn was late in ripening this year – it was a very wet August again, so the September sun was a welcome visitor. We tried ‘Seville’, ‘Double Standard’ and ‘Strawberry popcorn’. Double standard were the largest and sweetest, with the popcorn producing very small cobs.

Note: Sow sweetcorn earlier (April) to give the pods a head start.

Winter squash

We planted a giant winter squash ‘Viroflex’ which did quite well despite the slugs, but sadly most of our butternut squash succumbed.

Peppers and aubergine

We sowed peppers ‘Lipstick’ and ‘Kaiba’ into pots then out into the greenhouse. Lipstick was the most successful, with succulent little red peppers. The Aubergine we planted was ‘De barbantane’ and it performed poorly, very few fruits set at all, and those that did were quite small, although were a beautiful colour.

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