Essential kit – potato planter

A potato planter makes the job so much easier, especially as we are striving to be as no-dig as possible. I got a really sturdy welded steel one for Christmas from my Dad. Just push in using the foot rest, rotate, and pull out the earth sod. Then add your potato to the hole, chitting upwards. As you push in to make the next hole, the first sod falls out of the potato planter, which you can then use to fill in the 1st hole and so on.

It plants them in nice and deep and with the wet Spring we had I didn’t bother to earth up. And apart from the odd potato that has grown a bit too close to the surface (getting a tinge of green), they’ve been great, with hardly any effort and minimal disturbance to the soil. The picture on the right are first early new potatoes dug up in June (one plant).


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