Mulching the vegetable beds

This year I have mulched 7 of the 12 vegetable beds with cardboard and wood chip.

4 of the 12 beds were in a pretty good state after the winter and were easy to clear and prep ready for sowing. They all had plants on them that died off over winter, mainly nasturtiums which have suppressed other weeds making clearing very easy. 1 of these beds will be turned into an asparagus patch, 2 will be sown with salad, root and brassica crops and 1 will be planted with potatoes. 1 of the 12 I am turing into a new composting station.

The other 7 beds were so badly overgrown with grass that they needed to be mulched completely to kill off the grass underneath. First laying down cardboard and then a 4 inch layer of our own wood chip on top. These 7 mulched beds will receive larger plants like squash, pumpkin, peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes.

All the beds follow a no-dig approach and received manure last year and therefore still have high fertility without the need for further top dressing.

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