About us

We had a desire for self-reliance, of creating a home and green space for our family that would provide us with greater food, fuel and economic security. 

In the UK most of us live within a system that is reliant on external infrastructure, of which we have no control. We buy our food from supermarkets, we get our clean water from a regional water supplier and we get our gas and electricity from the ‘grid’.

Our modern lives depend on this infrastructure working uninterrupted. Most of this infrastructure currently relies on fossil fuels. For example, the supermarkets are stocked with products that are usually shipped in from aboard and trucked across country to the local depo and then on to the supermarket. Supermarkets run an efficient system and don’t spend money stockpiling or storing food in vast warehouses, as many assume. Should deliveries to supermarkets be disrupted for any reason (a fuel strike or shortage for example) supermarkets would probably be empty within 3-5 days. Then what?

Similarly if your regional water supplier experienced a major leak or contamination issue, then what? If fossil fuel prices are going up and up and you’ve no other energy option, then what?

And most people in the UK have a single income working for a company controlled by someone else. We have ‘all our eggs in one basket’ as they say. We are not in control of the income that may or may not be available should problems arise.

Our aim as a family is to become as self-reliant as possible, to become self-sufficient in food, water, fuel and have more control and flexibility over our income streams.

In 2016 we decided to leave our suburban life in Surrey behind and head for the country. We bought a 7 acre small-holding in the beautiful Shropshire Hills, and so our work began…

VegUtopia written by ‘Mum’ chronicles our adventures in realising our dream of self-reliance.